What is Hot Start and Cold start in Motor?


In this post, we will discuss that what is the hot start and cold start in the motor. and if you are ever asked about motor hot start or cold start, then what is the answer you have to give.

Friends, the answer to this question is very simple, you will get the answer in one line.

What is Hot start and Cold start in Motor?


Ans- If the motor is continuous duty and running for some time, then a restart after tripping is a basically hot start. Cold start is an initial start, after not having run for a relatively long period of time.

if I tell you these points in a simple way, then as we all know that whenever we run a motor, that means electricity flows in it, then heating starts in the motor. Now in case of heat of this motor means heating, if we stop that motor for some reason and start it back, then it is called hot start of that motor.

And in the same second case, if we do not start the same motor immediately after turning it off and let it cool down for some time, then run it later, then it is called cold start in that motor.

You can also understand this in simple words that in the room where our motor is kept, when the temperature of that room and the temperature of our motor become same or the temperature of the motor becomes a little less than the room temperature, then this The condition itself is called the cold start condition of the motor.

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